Your Products

Are you a designer, artist, crafter, retailer, cosplayer or event organiser looking to raise awareness for your creations, product or event? Do you sell on Etsy, via Facebook or a webpage? Do you have a cool collection of toys, books, games or soda cans that I could feature? Do you draw comic book art?

This blog was set up with the intention of helping the little guy that can’t afford to pay mega bucks for pointless media advertising. Initially that was me. I have been re-tweeting art, crafts and more since I started this little venture in June 2014. Tell me about your products and I could feature them for you. As I’m based in Blackpool, Lancashire UK it would be good to get more local North West people involved but as this blog is seen worldwide by thousands of people a day I’ll take requests from anywhere.

My target audience loves Sci-Fi, Horror, Comics, Superheroes, Movies, Games and Toys. Knitted baby booties might be cute but they are not going to get noticed on here unless they have the Batman logo on them. My tastes are diverse so throw me a message via my contact page with details of your ventures. You can also email me at with more detailed concepts and proposals.

In return I ask for publicity for my blog and social network accounts. I’ll scratch your back and you can buy me a pint.

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