Marvel Zavvi ZBOX May 2015 = Marvellous!

Just received the May Marvel Comics themed Zavvi ZBOX (don’t click that link yet!), it’s a mixed bunch of fun things lovingly picked out for you and sent directly to your doorstep for only £19.99. Does this represent good value for money? Let’s find out….

The box arrived late afternoon, well packaged in a mailer bag that was tough and sturdy (requiring scissors). It was at this point I whipped out my camera and filmed an Unboxing video which can be found HERE on YouTube . Upon opening I was greeted by the mighty Captain Iron Pool and a smorgasbord of delights (see below), then I made my video and the items ended up magically displayed like this……

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Marvel Comics Zavvi ZBOX, May 2015

Contents rundown:

  • Marvel Funko Pop! I got Black Widow which is good considering the general lack of female toys doing the rounds at the moment. She looks great and wobbles nicely (steady on boys).
  • NECA Scalers Silver Spider-Man that seems to have taken up pole dancing as a new profession. Attach the little fella to headphones or another cable and you’re guaranteed to look like a swinger.
  • Topps Avengers Hero Attax tin and unpunched cards (see unboxing video for my terrible pronunciation problems). I’ve never played this game but the cards and tin are very nice.
  • The History ChannelStan Lee’s Superhumans Season One DVD set. Five and a half hours of super human documentary goodness.
  • Marvel Secret Wars 001 ZBOX exclusive variant cover. The multiverse is dying. Only two universes remain. Today, Earths collide.
  • June Issue 232 of Total Film featuring the Incredible Hulk on the cover. Movies, comics, games, TV and more in a slick looking glossy magazine plus a special subscription offer if you’re feeling that way inclined.
  • Marvel Comics temporary tattoos, which I might take to a party tomorrow night and see what happens after a few beers.
  • Spider-Man candy sticks, edible white things with a fun little sticker inside.
  • The ZBOX Marvellous magazine.

An all together impressive array of all things Marvel Comics for a reasonable price. Next month sees Cops as the theme and we’re already promised a Judge Dredd item, which it all rather exciting. You can place your order for the next Zavvi ZBOX here and watch my YouTube Unboxing Video here.

Marvel Comics Zavvi ZBOX, May 2015 NECA SpiderMan Scalers Marvel Comics Zavvi ZBOX, May 2015 Topps Avengers Hero Attax

Marvel Comics Zavvi ZBOX, May 2015 Funko Pop! Black WidowMarvel Comics Zavvi ZBOX, May 2015

Marvel Comics Zavvi ZBOX, May 2015 Stan Lee's Superhumans DVDMarvel Comics Zavvi ZBOX, May 2015

Marvel Comics Zavvi ZBOX, May 2015 Secret Wars 001 Variant CoverMarvel Comics Zavvi ZBOX, May 2015 Total Film Incredible Hulk