Amazing geeky edibles from Nerdache Cakes

Custom cakes, cupcakes and sugar cookies by  Nerdache-Cakes… because nerds need cake too! Ant Roman is a part time bakery owner and (self confessed) full time fan-girl with crazy stupid fondant skills. Nerdache-Cakes will make any nerd’s cake dreams come true for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, company promotional events and all kinds of celebrations. All manner of edible geekery is covered from comic and children’s books to gaming, movies and TV including Batman, Doctor Who and everyone’s favourite merc Deadpool.

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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Cake by Nerdache Cakes
You can follow, and contact, Nerdache-Cakes via Facebook and their Website where you can also find links to YouTube videos, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

The Legend of Zelda cake by Nerdache Cakes
Mario Bros. cake by Nerdache Cakes
Batman cake by Nerdache Cakes
Dr. Seuss cake by Nerdache Cakes
Power Rangers cookies by Nerdache Cakes
Thor cupcake by Nerdache Cakes
Doctor Who cupcakes by Nerdache Cakes
Guardians of the Galaxy Starlord cake by Nerdache Cakes
Deadpool cake by Nerdache Cakes

Super Geeky Sand Sculptures 2015

With the summer almost over (it never really started in the UK) here are some amazing geeky sand sculptures from Australia and Findland.  I’ve rummaged through loads of images online and found the best pop culture sand sculptures via Instagram, DeviantArt and blog posts.

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Doctor Octopus, Catwoman and Predator Sand Sculpture
Hellboy, The Thing and Wolverine Sand Sculpture
Finland’s largest sand castle expo is held in Lappeenranta throughout the summer months, this years theme being ‘Heroes’ but a few villains have crept in to balance things out. Images from Lappeenranta come by way of Bemari on DeviantArt and Mikko Kelavaara on Twitter. Australia hosts a huge summer sand sculpture event on Frankston Waterfront, Melbourne, January through April. Images from Frankston Waterfront come via a blog post by Dr Sze Wey Lee. Go show everyone some internet love (including me *waves*).

The Legend of Zelda - Link Sand Sculpture
Rocky IV - Ivan Drago Sand Sculpture
Megaman Sand Sculpture
Superman Sand Sculpture
Super Mario Sand Sculpture
NASA Sand Sculpture
Albert Einstein Sand Sculpture.
Star Wars - Darth Vader Sand Sculpture
The Joker Sand Sculpture
Disney Villains Sand Sculpture
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Sand Sculpture
Star Wars Yoda Sand Sculpture
Star Wars Jabba's Palace Sand Sculpture
Star Wars The Galactic Empire Sand Sculpture

Geeky doormats by Damn Good Doormats

If, like most of us here, you enjoy Sci-Fi and Fantasy books and movies then these are the doormats you’ve been looking for. Eco friendly coconut mats stencilled with slogans and geek friendly imagery by Damn Good Doormats on Etsy. The range covers Star Wars, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Douglas Adams, gaming and humorous quotes. Damn Good Doormats - Doctor Who TARDIS Most of the designs can be personalised with your own message, be it welcoming or not, and if these are not to your taste you can always try Damn Good’s tongue-in-cheek UnWelcome Doormat collection. Personalised doormats – Art you can wipe your feet on!

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Damn Good Doormats - Star Wars Yoda Damn Good Doormats - Game of Thrones Damn Good Doormats - The Legend of Zelda Damn Good Doormats - Lord of the Rings Damn Good Doormats - Lord of the Rings Damn Good Doormats - Douglas Adams The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Damn Good Doormats - Lionel Richie

Anime and gaming dog cosplay by HachiCorp

You think you’ve seen just about everything then something like this comes along. HachiCorp on ETSY have a range of doggie costumes covering your favourite characters from Dragonball, One Piece and The Legend of Zelda. Why would you, and your dog, need something like this? ‘Just because’ is the only answer I can come up with. Let the click-bait images of the small yappy type dog dressed in cute little costumes commence!

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Dragon Ball Goku Dog CosplayDragon Ball Goku Dog Cosplay

Dragon Ball Goku Dog Cosplay

Dragon Ball King Piccolo Dog CosplayDragon Ball King Piccolo Dog Cosplay

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this……

Legend of Zelda Link Dog CosplayLegend of Zelda - Link Dog Cosplay

Luffy One Piece Dog CosplayLuffy One Piece Dog Cosplay

Chopper One Piece Dog Cosplay

Life-size paper craft Zelda, 226 hours of pure crafting.

This life size paper craft Zelda took 226 hours to build, 88 hours of cutting and 138 hours of folding and building. She stands 1.7 meters tall (5’6”), the upper body is built in 160/g-paper and the skirt in 200/g-paper.

The builder, minidelirium, used templates from PaperJuke and the completed model has been shipped off to a new home. As life sized gaming characters go, this is one heck of an accomplishment.

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Life-size paper craft ZeldaLife-size paper craft Zelda

Life-size paper craft ZeldaLife-size paper craft Zelda

Life-size paper craft Zelda

Mario, Metroid and The Legend of Zelda limited edition prints by artist and illustrator Harlan Elam

The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Super Mario Bros. limited edition 8-Bit prints by the artist and illustrator Harlan Elam.

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“Super Mario Bros. came bundled with my first NES and started my life long obsession with gaming. Everyone privileged enough to play it probably remembers level one more than any other. The idea here is to capture those memories of the level we played the most and offer them up as framed nostalgia, or paper Nintendo.”

Super Mario Bros. by Harlan Elam

“The Legend of Zelda introduced me to a different level of gaming, one that combined an open world and difficult puzzles. It was also my first introduction to interactive fantasy storytelling that led to a life long love affair with escapism reading. It required a lot of trial and error and teaming up with friends to beat different areas of the game. How many times did we enter The Eagle on our quest to defeat Ganon? Too many to count.”

The Legend of Zelda by Harlan Elam

“If The Legend of Zelda turned me on to fantasy RPGs, Metroid got me heavily into sci-fi. I remember a lot of Saturday mornings exploring Zebes, finding new power ups, and killing aliens. What I remember most is starting in level one and finding the Morph Ball. I was amazed. I wanted to take that memory and combine it with the most memorable enemies from the game so I could print it up, frame it proudly, and bask in all its nostalgic glory. Pray for true peace in space!”

Metroid by Harlan Elam