60 Iconic Weapons from Fiction

When we think of our favorite fictional characters, we often associate them with an item, or talisman, that is every bit as iconic as the characters themselves. In many cases, this item is a weapon. Weapons come in many forms; there are guns, swords, and everything in between. They can be as amazing as Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber or as unique as the Fat Man from the Fallout video game franchise.

Via: Target Sports USA 

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The Ultimate Arsenal: 60 Iconic Weapons from Fiction - TargetSportsUSA.com - Infographic

The Fifth Element ReAction Figures

Big Bada Boom!

The Funko ReAction figure range just keeps on expanding. This latest batch of licencing deals has seen them pick up Breaking Bad, Arrow, The Flash, Terminator 2 and The Fifth Element. I’m not saying this is my favourite movie of all time, but it’s in my top ten. I’m going to Fhloston Paradise next year. This range will be available from May 2015.

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