Cool Character Cookies by Y&Csweets

Cool cartoon, anime, gaming, movies and television character icing cookies by Yohko of Y&Csweets. Super Mario Bros., Star Wars, Minions, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, My Neighbor Totoro, Doraemon & Dr. Slump favourites lovingly created in icing atop a shaped cookie base that obviously look good enough to eat.

“Hi! I’m YOHKO. I’m icing cookie decorator, baker, blogger and mama from Japan, Chiba. Let’s have fun together sweets decorating!”

Super Mario Bros. icing cookies by Y&Csweets

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Minions icing cookies by Y&CsweetsShuriken Sentai Ninninger icing cookies by Y&Csweets
Doraemon icing cookies by Y&Csweets
Dr. Slump icing cookies by Y&Csweets
Super Mario Bros. icing cookies by Y&CsweetsStar Wars icing cookies by Y&Csweets
Doraemon icing cookies by Y&Csweets
My Neighbor Totoro icing cookies by Y&Csweets
My Neighbor Totoro icing cookies by Y&Csweets

Fabric Pop Culture by Alysha Crist

Fabric stickers and magnets made from cotton twill and poly/cotton blends by Alysha Crist. Working from home, and selling at local craft markets, Alysha has now launch her first Etsy store with these cool hand-made designs featuring Marvel and DC Comics Superheroes & Villains, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, Super Mario Bros, Star Wars and Doctor Who. Check out her ETSY STORE HERE

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Fabric Pop Culture by Alysha Crist - Marvel Superheroes & VillainsFabric Pop Culture by Alysha Crist - DC Comics Superheroes
Fabric Pop Culture by Alysha Crist - Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesFabric Pop Culture by Alysha Crist - Super Mario Bros.
Fabric Pop Culture by Alysha Crist - Kirby, Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who TARDISFabric Pop Culture by Alysha Crist - PokemonFabric Pop Culture by Alysha Crist - Pokemon

Mario, Metroid and The Legend of Zelda limited edition prints by artist and illustrator Harlan Elam

The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Super Mario Bros. limited edition 8-Bit prints by the artist and illustrator Harlan Elam.

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“Super Mario Bros. came bundled with my first NES and started my life long obsession with gaming. Everyone privileged enough to play it probably remembers level one more than any other. The idea here is to capture those memories of the level we played the most and offer them up as framed nostalgia, or paper Nintendo.”

Super Mario Bros. by Harlan Elam

“The Legend of Zelda introduced me to a different level of gaming, one that combined an open world and difficult puzzles. It was also my first introduction to interactive fantasy storytelling that led to a life long love affair with escapism reading. It required a lot of trial and error and teaming up with friends to beat different areas of the game. How many times did we enter The Eagle on our quest to defeat Ganon? Too many to count.”

The Legend of Zelda by Harlan Elam

“If The Legend of Zelda turned me on to fantasy RPGs, Metroid got me heavily into sci-fi. I remember a lot of Saturday mornings exploring Zebes, finding new power ups, and killing aliens. What I remember most is starting in level one and finding the Morph Ball. I was amazed. I wanted to take that memory and combine it with the most memorable enemies from the game so I could print it up, frame it proudly, and bask in all its nostalgic glory. Pray for true peace in space!”

Metroid by Harlan Elam