Octopus Tentacles and Nose eyeglass holders by ArtAkimbo

Functional and dysfunctional handmade art by Dave of ArtAkimbo.

Made from cast resin, urethane resin, aluminium, brass, dye, felt and more. Striking, unusual and available to order from ArtAkimbo on Esty.

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Handlebar Mustache Eyeglass Holder & Key Hook Desk Accessory
Octopus tentacle wall art sculpture
Wormbaby – Caterpillar baby head sculpture
Pink elephant nose eyeglass stand
Rusted tentacle

Bronze and brass Darth Vader sculpture.

Darth Vader bust made from bronze and brass ornaments by the artist Alain Bellino.

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Hyperrealistic Sculptures by Kazuhiro Tsuji

Kazuhiro Tsuji is a contemporary hyperrealist sculptor living and working in Los Angeles.

After working for 25 years as a special effects makeup artist in Hollywood, Kazuhiro shifted focus in 2008, dedicating himself to fine art sculpture. Using resin, platinum silicone, and many other materials, Kazu constructs jaw dropping hyperrealistic three-dimensional portraits.

His work has been exhibited at art fairs and museums and drawn attention from collectors, press and art enthusiasts.

See more at: http://kazustudios.com/

Abraham Lincoln, Andy Warhol & Salvador Dali.

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Cthulhu Sculpture by Karl Dupere-Richer

It took several months to complete but this tribute to Cthulhu is a worshippers dream come true.

Drawn from the work of American writer HP Lovecraft, this light sculpture was crafted (geddit?) from diverse materials like PVC patio chairs, a flowerpot, an umbrella, bike tires, tins, PVC piping tips, acrylic light globe, hose and car parts. This sculpture, and many more, can be found on Spécial Karl and might even be for sale at the right price. Your sanity and your soul.

‘Cthulhu’ Mixed media. Width. 117 cm; Height. 193 cm; Depth. 43 cm; weight. 17 kg

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