Marvel’s Avengers Gundam by Aburaya Tonbi

As we know, huge robots, mobile suits and such like are a big thing in Japan. With this in mind Japanese artist Aburaya Tonbi  油屋とんび has illustrated a series of Marvel / Gundam mashups including  the current Avengers line-up of Captain∀merica, Wing Gundam “Thor”, Hulk Unicorn, Gelgoog Marine Hawkeye, Gerbera Black Widow and Iron Man Type 100. If it was an animated series, I’d watch it.

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You can find more of Aburaya Tonbi’s work over on Pixiv. The artist deletes sketches from his account and uploads new versions, I’ve got several more deleted Marvel Gundam illustrations for another post (coming soon).

Marvel's Avengers Gundam by Aburaya Tonbi - Wing Gundam Thor
Marvel's Avengers Gundam by Aburaya Tonbi - Hulk Unicorn
Marvel's Avengers Gundam by Aburaya Tonbi - Gelgoog Marine Hawkeye
Marvel's Avengers Gundam by Aburaya Tonbi - Gerbera Black Widow
Marvel's Avengers Gundam by Aburaya Tonbi - Iron Man Type 100
Marvel's Avengers Gundam by Aburaya Tonbi - Cap ∀

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I Heart He-Man by Bill McConkey
Robots & Aliens by Bill McConkey
Harry and the Hendersons by Bill McConkey
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