Intricate Insect and Plant Sculptures Made From Recycled Materials

Working from a studio in Bristol, the artist, designer, crafter and collector Kasasagi creates beautiful and unique hand made pieces using recycled materials. As there’s usually a limited supply of re-cycled materials each and every piece is highly individual. All the items are sent with their own story, describing how they were made and what they were in their previous life.

“Most of my materials are found, recycled, or second hand but on the odd occasion (particularly where it is needed to make the item usable) I also buy things new. I try to produce work that is environmentally friendly and sustainable as these values are very important to me. My main supplier is probably my recycling box and it is not unusual to find me pulling things like old electric cables apart in order to use the insides! It feels great to be able to bring new life to old and rejected objects or materials rather than leaving them to waste.”

These items, and more, can be found on the artists Etsy store along with ordering details and commission requests.


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