60 Iconic Weapons from Fiction

When we think of our favorite fictional characters, we often associate them with an item, or talisman, that is every bit as iconic as the characters themselves. In many cases, this item is a weapon. Weapons come in many forms; there are guns, swords, and everything in between. They can be as amazing as Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber or as unique as the Fat Man from the Fallout video game franchise.

Via: Target Sports USA 

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The Ultimate Arsenal: 60 Iconic Weapons from Fiction - TargetSportsUSA.com - Infographic

Gaming & retro tissue boxes by kanojo

These Rubik’s, Mario, Portal and Game Cubes built to conceal a box of tissues by kanojo are not to be sneezed at.

“We happen to be fans of Big Bang Theory and in one episode, we spotted a Rubik’s Cube tissue box somewhere in their geek apartment. Of course they’re not the first one to have this idea but we got curious and were convinced they would make awesome Christmas gifts for our friends.”

Gaming & retro tissue boxes by kanojo - Rubik's Cube

“In the end we overdid it a little and made every cubic (and geek-ish) item we could think of. Each cube is made in a different way, some painted, stencilled or glued.”

There are loads of images and a build guides via their blog.kanojo.de including dimensions, cutting, painting, stencilling etc. and they also sell card versions with a magnetic lid.

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Gaming & retro tissue boxes by kanojo - Nintendo Game Cube

Gaming & retro tissue boxes by kanojo - Mario

Gaming & retro tissue boxes by kanojo - Mario

Gaming & retro tissue boxes by kanojo - Portal

Gaming & retro tissue boxes by kanojo

Little Big Video Game Books

Artist and designer JoeBot has created a brilliant series of original Little Big Book covers based on classic retro and more recent video games.

Wish these would have been around when I was a kid. Prints are available from JoeBot Records on Etsy. So cool.

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