Impressive Star Wars Collection. Most Impressive.

Martin Campbell is on a mission. A mission to gather together one of the largest privately owned vintage Star Wars collections in Europe. The images below represent roughly half of this constantly expanding collection. Martin displays his favourite pieces and the rest is safely boxed up in storage until he can expand his collectors den.

I’ve collected this lot over the last twenty years, having owned most production pieces maybe up to half a dozen times as each one gets upgraded to C9+ or AFA 85 . If you collect I’m sure you can appreciate the time and money that goes along with that.”

My first piece was a Palitoy AT-ST in Jedi box and a 79 back Gamorrean Guard. I still have both, they are very special to me.”

Here are some highlights of this epic collection. Warning: Reading may lead to feelings of Jealousy. Jealousy leads to the Dark Side.

  • Canadian shrink-wrapped Snowspeeder

  • C9.5 sealed Tri-Logo Rancor

  • C9.5 sealed Tri-Logo B-Wing

  • 1st issue sealed AT-AT

  • Revenge of the Jedi boxed X-Wing

  • A full set of unpunched carded figure’s overall grade AFA 85

  • 41 back Boba Fett AFA 90

Special Offer Canadian Cloud City with Han Solo. Possibly the rarest playset that was ever produced. One of the only pieces to get 10/10 for rarity in Stephen Faucourt’s Star Wars Merchandising book.

This piece is beyond rare, I believe mine to possibly be of the highest graded condition in existence.”

And now a few photographs for your perusal. This collection also homes other collectable toys such as Action Force and MASK. As Darth Vader might say…. ‘Impressive. Most Impressive.”

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