Pop culture Magritte style portraits by Ben Chen

René Magritte was a Belgian surrealist artist whose work is famously known for the use of suited gentlemen, bowler hats and apples. Artist Ben Chen brings Magritte’s classic painting “The Son of Man” kicking and screaming into the world geekdom by introducing Harry Potter, Mars Attacks, Hellboy, Indiana Jones, Iron-Man, The Joker, Superman, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and Alien into the mix.

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Magritte Harry Potter by Ben Chen
Magritte Mars Attacks by Ben Chen
Magritte Hellboy by Ben Chen
Magritte Indiana Jones by Ben Chen
Magritte Iron-Man by Ben Chen
Magritte Joker by Ben Chen
Magritte Superman by Ben Chen
Magritte Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Ben Chen
Magritte Power Rangers by Ben Chen
Magritte Alien Xenomorph by Ben Chen

He-Can and Skelecan: The pop culture art of Grim Nyberg

Graffiti and mural artist Grim Nyberg has taken a couple of broken Masters of the Universe figures and created He-Can and Skelecan. Custom figures taken to a whole new level of awesome, they have the power!

His work also includes huge bespoke murals inspired by Ghostbusters, Star Wars, RoboCop, Mario and other Pop Culture Icons. I’m sure he would be happy with more commission work so drop him a line via the website.

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He-Can and Skelecan by Grim Nyberg (He-Man and Skeletor)
Robocop by Grim Nyberg
Ghostbusters Slimer by Grim Nyberg
Mario by Grim Nyberg
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Grim Nyberg
Star Wars Darth Vader by Grim Nyberg
Mars Attacks by Grim NybergReturn of of the Living Dead by Grim Nyberg

Turtle Movie by Grim Nyberg
“Here’s a piece I did last summer to show the community that graffiti can be beautiful if it finds a legal place to exist.”

Grim Nyberg