Pop culture illustrations by Chrissie Zullo

A slice of pop culture coolness from the artist and illustrator Chrissie Zullo. Working with both traditional and digital media Chrissie has worked for DC, Dark Horse, Archie Comics, IDW, Topps and Harper Collins. You can check out more great artwork via DeviantArt.

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Mad Max: Fury Road- Furiosa by Chrissie ZulloBatgirl by Chrissie ZulloHarley Quinn by Chrissie ZulloVampirella by Chrissie Zullo
Samus by Chrissie Zullo
The Legend of Zelda by Chrissie Zullo
Usagi Yojimbo by Chrissie Zullo
Motoko Kusanagi - Ghost in the Shell by Chrissie ZulloRei Ayanami by Chrissie ZulloAttack on Titan by Chrissie Zullo

Dale Walter’s custom Interceptor by Mad Max Cars

Michigan born Dale Walter’s life long passion with George Miller’s Mad Max movies has reached a pinnacle in collecting terms. ‘”Someday I will own that car”….and now he does.

Dale Walter’s custom Interceptor by Mad Max Cars

The famous Interceptor car has featured in three of Miller’s four pictures, including the latest Mad Mad: Fury Road. In 2008, Dale commissioned specialist company Mad Max Cars to convert his 1972 Australian Falcon into the iconic Interceptor – a process which took five years and $125,000.

“It was a 30 year dream, and a 5 year project”

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Dale Walter’s custom Interceptor by Mad Max Cars

Mad Max Cars have also produced a replica Humungus Machine from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, Bud’s Goose Bike and an XB Falcon Fairmont Interceptor Sedan as well as selling Mad Max related clothing, props and merchandise. Story via The RPF.

Dale Walter’s custom Interceptor by Mad Max CarsDale Walter’s custom Interceptor by Mad Max Cars

Humungus Machine by Mad Max CarsBud's Goose Bike by Mad Max Cars