Robots by Eric Joyner

Pop culture collides in artist Eric Joyner’s paintings of robots, space rockets and monsters. Autobots battle Deceptacons in a grand arena, Robby the Robot plays the blues, Godzilla takes on King Kong and robots play, fight and contemplate life.

The Final Blow by Eric Joyner
Universe Car by Eric Joyner

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3 Robots by Eric Joyner
The Collator by Eric Joyner

“I was born in San Mateo, a suburb of San Francisco. My childhood was fairly uneventful, doing the usual things most kids did, reading comics (mostly Mad, Creepy, Eerie and newspaper comic strips), playing sports, and going to school, as well as drawing and painting.”

Just Another Day In LA by Eric Joyner

“In 2000, after years of painting other people’s pictures, I made the decision to only paint things that I liked. Four series of paintings of different subjects were started; they were: San Francisco urbanscapes, paintings of old newspaper cartoons characters, Mexican masks, and last but not least, Japanese tin (toy) robots.”

Sunken Treasure by Eric Joyner
Looking For Trouble by Eric Joyner

“Armed with a small collection of tin robots and spaceships I began painting them in earnest. In attempt to bring them to life without loosing their charm, I showed them where they belonged: outer space. By 2002 the paintings were looking good, but they still needed something to play off of… perhaps a nemesis.”

Fall Outing by Eric Joyner
Blues Machine by Eric Joyner

“After a month or so of searching for a ‘nemesis’ I had an epiphany while watching the movie ‘Pleasantville.’ In one of the scenes, Jeff Daniels paints a still life of…donuts. With thoughts of Wayne Thiebaud’s pastries always close at hand, it wasn’t difficult to see the battle scene of robots retreating from 300-foot tall donuts when I went to bed that night. The rest, as they say, is history.”

Too Many Choices II by Eric Joyner
Melee by Eric Joyner

Spookshow Pin-ups by Ant Lucia

A series of twelve illustrations based on classic movie monsters and their pin-up counterparts by Ant Lucia. King Kong, Dracula, The Mummy and Wolfman never had it so good.

“Spookshow Pinups was my debut line I developed when I first started this particular style. I started doing pinup illustrations but wanted to do a collection that had a common theme as my first series.  I’ve always been a fan of classic movie monsters and noticed that a majority of the vintage posters featured a damsel in distress. The dames always look terrified by the monsters, in mine I wanted to present them as if it where more of a romantic comedy.”

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NOSFERATU by Ant Lucia
DEVIL by Ant Lucia
DRACULA by Ant Lucia
WOLFMAN by Ant Lucia
THE MUMMY by Ant Lucia
ZOMBIE by Ant Lucia
KING KONG by Ant Lucia

Movie Locations Retro Travel Posters

Design company Studio MUTI worked with FoxP2 to create a series of posters for Ster-Kinekor Theaters, South Africa’s leading cinema house. They illustrated posters for four well-known movies, namely King Kong, The Shining, Avatar and Lord of the Rings. The concept was to illustrate locations found only in the respective movies and portray them as destinations in a classic, mid-century travel poster style.

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