Super Mario Cupcakes and Cookies by Hello Naomi

The Real Ghostbusters child’s dress by The Patchwork Monkey

Via The Patchwork Monkey on Facebook.

All kinds of designs and retro materials to pick from, hit the website for a simple toddler dress tutorial.

Adventure Time Guitar by Renate Pommerening

Adventure Time Guitar by Renate Pommerening. Construction and decoration guide via the link.

Star Wars: Master Yoda by AmbyRough on DeviantArt

Hand crafted plush Yoda by AmbyRough on Deviant Art.

Made for her children along with a rather squishy looking Darth Vader. Geeky crafting mums rock.

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Star Trek NG Captain Jean-Luc Picard by Candy Coated Quilts

Made with about 4500 2″ squares!

Star Trek James.T.Kirk and Spock Pop Art by CreativeSpectator on @Etsy

Star Trek James T Kirk OR Spock Pop Art prints by CreativeSpectator on @Etsy.

Star Trek Klingon Bat’leth Scarf by Kimberly Gintar

Feeling a bit agressive? Need to let your inner Klingon free? Then this is just the scarf for you.

With the silk and merino content and the holes formed by the grips, it flows gently around any Klingon or Terran neck. The pattern is available to download, at a very reasonable cost, from Kimberly Gintar’s Ravelry Store.

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