Pop culture Magritte style portraits by Ben Chen

René Magritte was a Belgian surrealist artist whose work is famously known for the use of suited gentlemen, bowler hats and apples. Artist Ben Chen brings Magritte’s classic painting “The Son of Man” kicking and screaming into the world geekdom by introducing Harry Potter, Mars Attacks, Hellboy, Indiana Jones, Iron-Man, The Joker, Superman, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and Alien into the mix.

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Magritte Harry Potter by Ben Chen
Magritte Mars Attacks by Ben Chen
Magritte Hellboy by Ben Chen
Magritte Indiana Jones by Ben Chen
Magritte Iron-Man by Ben Chen
Magritte Joker by Ben Chen
Magritte Superman by Ben Chen
Magritte Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Ben Chen
Magritte Power Rangers by Ben Chen
Magritte Alien Xenomorph by Ben Chen

Super Geeky Sand Sculptures 2015

With the summer almost over (it never really started in the UK) here are some amazing geeky sand sculptures from Australia and Findland.  I’ve rummaged through loads of images online and found the best pop culture sand sculptures via Instagram, DeviantArt and blog posts.

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Doctor Octopus, Catwoman and Predator Sand Sculpture
Hellboy, The Thing and Wolverine Sand Sculpture
Finland’s largest sand castle expo is held in Lappeenranta throughout the summer months, this years theme being ‘Heroes’ but a few villains have crept in to balance things out. Images from Lappeenranta come by way of Bemari on DeviantArt and Mikko Kelavaara on Twitter. Australia hosts a huge summer sand sculpture event on Frankston Waterfront, Melbourne, January through April. Images from Frankston Waterfront come via a blog post by Dr Sze Wey Lee. Go show everyone some internet love (including me *waves*).

The Legend of Zelda - Link Sand Sculpture
Rocky IV - Ivan Drago Sand Sculpture
Megaman Sand Sculpture
Superman Sand Sculpture
Super Mario Sand Sculpture
NASA Sand Sculpture
Albert Einstein Sand Sculpture.
Star Wars - Darth Vader Sand Sculpture
The Joker Sand Sculpture
Disney Villains Sand Sculpture
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Sand Sculpture
Star Wars Yoda Sand Sculpture
Star Wars Jabba's Palace Sand Sculpture
Star Wars The Galactic Empire Sand Sculpture