Purrrfect pop culture cats mashed with The Avengers, Attack on Titan and Super Smash Bros by suzuran.

Who likes cats and kittens? How about Avengers vs Capcom, Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, Super Smash Bros. , Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy? If you said yes to any, or all, of the above then you will certainly adore these sweet kitteh parodies by suzuran, full of charm and feline related puns. I’m particularly fond of Catpool and Meowtroid but Kitty Pride isn’t anywhere to be found.

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Cats vs Super Smash Bros. by suzuran
Cats vs Final Fantasy by suzuran
Cats vs Kingdom Hearts by suzuran
Cats vs Fullmetal Alchemist by suzuran
Cats vs Attack on Titan by suzuran
Meowvel's Avengers Assemble by suzuran
Cats vs Marvel vs Capcom by suzuran