Anime and gaming dog cosplay by HachiCorp

You think you’ve seen just about everything then something like this comes along. HachiCorp on ETSY have a range of doggie costumes covering your favourite characters from Dragonball, One Piece and The Legend of Zelda. Why would you, and your dog, need something like this? ‘Just because’ is the only answer I can come up with. Let the click-bait images of the small yappy type dog dressed in cute little costumes commence!

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Dragon Ball Goku Dog CosplayDragon Ball Goku Dog Cosplay

Dragon Ball Goku Dog Cosplay

Dragon Ball King Piccolo Dog CosplayDragon Ball King Piccolo Dog Cosplay

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this……

Legend of Zelda Link Dog CosplayLegend of Zelda - Link Dog Cosplay

Luffy One Piece Dog CosplayLuffy One Piece Dog Cosplay

Chopper One Piece Dog Cosplay