Cthulhu Christmas Ornaments by Draig Athar Designs

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, please do praise Cthulhu in his Santa hat. Ready painted or paint-your-own H.P. Lovecraft-eque Christmas tree decorations by Draig Athar Designs. If you’re not a fan of the tentacled one himself then why not hang a Shoggoth or Flying Spaghetti Monster this year?

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Cthulhu Cthupid Christmas Tree Ornament by Draig Athar Designs
Shoggoth Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament by Draig Athar Designs
Cthulhu Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament by Draig Athar Designs
Flying Spaghetti Monster Christmas Tree Ornament by Draig Athar Designs
Santa Cthulhu Christmas Tree Ornament by Draig Athar Designs

My Little Pop Icons by Mari Kasurinen aka Spippo

My Little Alien by Spippo

Mari Kasurinen aka Spippo on Deviant Art produces highly detailed, and very limited, custom My Little Pony pieces that draw inspiration from movies, celebrities, historical figures and the pop culture world in which we live.

“I was very interested in the whole customisation phenomenon; how you can get anything done just for you.”

I have picked my favourite ponies from the collection for your viewing pleasure. Cthulhu, Jason Voorhees, Alien, Predator, Spock, Edward  Scissorhands and Godzilla are represented here in all their twisted Pony glory.

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My Little Alien by SpippoMy Little Predator by Spippo
My Little Spock by SpippoMy Little Scissorhands by Spippo
My Little Godzilla by SpippoMy Little Jason Voorhees by Spippo
My Little Chestburster by SpippoMy Little Cthulhu by Spippo

Cthulhu Sculpture by Karl Dupere-Richer

It took several months to complete but this tribute to Cthulhu is a worshippers dream come true.

Drawn from the work of American writer HP Lovecraft, this light sculpture was crafted (geddit?) from diverse materials like PVC patio chairs, a flowerpot, an umbrella, bike tires, tins, PVC piping tips, acrylic light globe, hose and car parts. This sculpture, and many more, can be found on Spécial Karl and might even be for sale at the right price. Your sanity and your soul.

‘Cthulhu’ Mixed media. Width. 117 cm; Height. 193 cm; Depth. 43 cm; weight. 17 kg

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