Custom Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movie VCR’s by Sorce CodeVhs

Hand painted and illustrated custom VCR’s featuring artwork from classic Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies such as The Evil Dead, Escape from New York, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Jurassic Park by Sorce CodeVhs.

The Evil Dead custom VCR by Sorce CodeVhs

Sorce CodeVhs created a graffiti art custom VCR and, as he was sitting at home watching VHS movies and browsing poster artwork online, the idea of illustrating those posters onto video recorders was born. Starting with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, he used his VHS collection as reference and created several more for happy customers.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre custom VCR by Sorce CodeVhs

“The process: I use many different techniques to achieve the finished deck including free hand drawing and painting, rubs, transfers, stencils. I use spray paint, acrylic, paint pens, anything that will make a mark on a VCR I will utilize if it helps me. It’s been a learning process as a VCR is not the easiest thing to paint on.”

A Nightmare on Elm Street custom VCR by Sorce CodeVhs

“We had a custom Jurassic Park and Nightmare on Elm Street made. His work is absolutely outstanding!! A+++” Kelsea Young, 2016.

Jurassic Park custom VCR by Sorce CodeVhs

“Josh at and @thewallofvhs on Instagram really helped me by initially taking notice and sharing the deck with their followers. Super grateful for those guys help.”

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Children of the Corn custom VCR by Sorce CodeVhs
Escape from New York custom VCR by Sorce CodeVhs
Escape from New York custom VCR by Sorce CodeVhs

“My custom Escape from NY is getting his final touches as I write these lines. It is beyond all my expectations and more, worth every single penny !!!!” Francisco Laranjo, 2016.