The Ultimate Batcave Home Theatre.

Elite Home Theatre Systems (Elite HTS) created this Batman Batcave home theatre for a client in Greenwich, Connecticut.

“The $2.5 million theatre has been quite an ambitious project with a few delays along the way. However, we are sure the final theatre will be amazing and worth the wait.”

Here is a shot of the rear of the theatre which features a stainless steel elevator, a fireplace and luxury seating. There are also a total of 4 life sized Bat Suits placed throughout the theatre.

By pulling on the Shakespeare statue, the bookcases slide open to reveal a life sized Tumbler Batmobile and an “escape tunnel” as shown in the images below. The metal screen cover also slides open to reveal the screen. The cave has the Art Deco feel of Gotham City, within the cosy confines of Wayne Manor.

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