Talk Nerdy 2 Me – Preston 8th May 2015

Talk Nerdy 2 Me at the Harris Library in Preston – Friday 8th May 2015 4pm-9pm. Cosplay, film screenings, quiz, stalls, guest talks, poetry, artists, Warhammer, video games, face painting and themed refreshments are the order of the day. Admission is totally FREE!

“Last year’s inaugural event was a great success and attracted over 600 visitors” said Victoria Todd, Lancashire County Council’s library officer at the Harris Library.

You can sign up to Talk Nerdy 2 Me via their Facebook Page, join the Facebook Event and follow them on Twitter. The project is organised in association with Hijack the Library youth forum.

Talk Nerdy 2 Me

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The event includes cosplay artist Siriusly Cosplay, Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors J.S. Collyer and A.S. Chambers, Matt Dickinson (aka Mecha-Man), Great British Sewing Bee contestant Deborah Simms and traders That Comic ShopFilms and Figures & Styx.

Flickr image gallery of the event –

Graham Pearce – Artist – Facebook and Twitter (#GeekHour regular!)

Talk Nerdy 2 Me - Graham PearceTalk Nerdy 2 Me - Graham Pearce

Cosmic Ginge – Illustrator and cosmic creator – Facebook, Etsy and Twitter.

Talk Nerdy 2 Me - Cosmic GingeTalk Nerdy 2 Me - Cosmic Ginge

Wayne Ashworth – Artist – Website and Facebook.

Talk Nerdy 2 Me - Wayne AshworthTalk Nerdy 2 Me - Wayne Ashworth

Talk Nerdy 2 Me Preston

It Came From 1984

Last year the Bottleneck Gallery, 60 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York held an art show, curated by Chogrin, entitled It Came From 1984.

Artists interpreted films from 1984 in all kinds of interesting ways. I have picked out my favourites, including Police Academy, Gremlins and Beverly Hills Cop, which you will find below along with an alternative 1980s music mix to set the mood.

It Came from 1984 by Paul Shipper
“5 Favorite Films Of 1984” By Paul Shipper
Freddy Krueger by Alexander Iaccarino
Alexander Iaccarino “Sweet Dreams”
Police Academy by Barret Chapman
Barret Chapman “Integrity, Knowledge, Courage”
Purple Rain by Christian Garland
Christian Garland “Purple Rain”
Gremlins by David Slebodnick
David Slebodnick “Heigh Ho”
Buckaroo Banzai by Jeremy Wheeler
Jeremy Wheeler “Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers Gig Poster”
Terminator by Marco D'alfonso
Marco D’alfonso “The terminator or (de fyoocha)”
Conan by Mathieu Reynes
Mathieu Reynes “The Destroyer”
Ghostbusters by Michael Bramley
Michael Bramley “No Job Is Too Big”
Karate Kid by PJ McQuade
PJ McQuade “Karate Kid: Final Fight”
Beverly Hills Cop by Sam Gilbey
Sam Gilbey “Gross Dereliction of Duty”

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Intricate Insect and Plant Sculptures Made From Recycled Materials

Working from a studio in Bristol, the artist, designer, crafter and collector Kasasagi creates beautiful and unique hand made pieces using recycled materials. As there’s usually a limited supply of re-cycled materials each and every piece is highly individual. All the items are sent with their own story, describing how they were made and what they were in their previous life.

“Most of my materials are found, recycled, or second hand but on the odd occasion (particularly where it is needed to make the item usable) I also buy things new. I try to produce work that is environmentally friendly and sustainable as these values are very important to me. My main supplier is probably my recycling box and it is not unusual to find me pulling things like old electric cables apart in order to use the insides! It feels great to be able to bring new life to old and rejected objects or materials rather than leaving them to waste.”

These items, and more, can be found on the artists Etsy store along with ordering details and commission requests.


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Artist creates MFMarker (MyFirstMarker) entirely made from chalk.

-W. Houston

Visual artist and designer Baschz has created MFMarker (MyFirstMarker). It is entirely made out of chalk and shaped like a big fat marker. It therefore safely introduces creative children to street art without the risk of a good telling off from the local authorities.

The label and lettering on the marker are an embossed relief within the shape of the marker itself, so everything is made from one big piece of chalk.

The original all white MFMarker stands 12 cm high, is 3 cm wide and comes in a blackboard tube with a mimeograph info leaflet and stickers.

Image of MFMarker Chalk Tagger

Image of MFMarker Chalk TaggerAll MFMarkers are handmade personally and signed by Baschz.

Pictures by Aad Hoogendoorn.

Baschz Leeft is a visual artist and designer from Rotterdam, with a profound love for (infiltrating) mass and sub cultures. His works balance on the threshold between artwork and product, often injected with a conceptual sense of humour.

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