Krang oversized belt buckle by Christopher Genovese’s Freakshop

For Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles fans, and those that love the retro look, this Krang belt buckle by Christopher Genovese is totally radical. Dude.

Available on-line from his Etsy Freakshop, this item is cast in urethane resin from an original clay sculpture, hand-painted, and hard-coated with polyurethane clear coat. It can also be mounted for wall display or included with small easel for display on your shelf of wondrous items. Cowabunga!

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Krang belt buckle by Christopher Genovese's FreakshopKrang belt buckle by Christopher Genovese's FreakshopKrang belt buckle by Christopher Genovese's Freakshop

Blade Runner inspired fine art prints by Casey Callender.

A series of three Blade Runner inspired fine art prints entitled ‘Fiery The Angels Fell’ by Casey Callender.

The pieces are named Time to Die, Do You Like Your Owl? & Memories. The prints feature Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, Sean Young as Rachael, Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty and imagery from the classic 80s Sci-Fi movie.

A set of limited edition prints are available to purchase from the Hero Complex Gallery here.

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Blade Runner Time to Die by Casey Callender
Blade Runner Do You Like Your Owl? by Casey Callender
Blade Runner Memories by Casey Callender

It Came From 1984

Last year the Bottleneck Gallery, 60 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York held an art show, curated by Chogrin, entitled It Came From 1984.

Artists interpreted films from 1984 in all kinds of interesting ways. I have picked out my favourites, including Police Academy, Gremlins and Beverly Hills Cop, which you will find below along with an alternative 1980s music mix to set the mood.

It Came from 1984 by Paul Shipper
“5 Favorite Films Of 1984” By Paul Shipper
Freddy Krueger by Alexander Iaccarino
Alexander Iaccarino “Sweet Dreams”
Police Academy by Barret Chapman
Barret Chapman “Integrity, Knowledge, Courage”
Purple Rain by Christian Garland
Christian Garland “Purple Rain”
Gremlins by David Slebodnick
David Slebodnick “Heigh Ho”
Buckaroo Banzai by Jeremy Wheeler
Jeremy Wheeler “Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers Gig Poster”
Terminator by Marco D'alfonso
Marco D’alfonso “The terminator or (de fyoocha)”
Conan by Mathieu Reynes
Mathieu Reynes “The Destroyer”
Ghostbusters by Michael Bramley
Michael Bramley “No Job Is Too Big”
Karate Kid by PJ McQuade
PJ McQuade “Karate Kid: Final Fight”
Beverly Hills Cop by Sam Gilbey
Sam Gilbey “Gross Dereliction of Duty”

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Kung Fury – An Over-the-top 80s Style Action Comedy

Kung Fury is an indie over-the-top action comedy that has it’s foundation in 80s cop movies. Combining elements from 1980s games, pop culture and fist pumping music the team at Laser Unicorns have produced this awesome crowd funded movie. Think Hobo with a Shotgun & Planet Terror mixed with Streets of Rage & Time Bandits.

Highlights include a Nintendo Power Glove & ZX Spectrum (with Microdrives) time hacking scene, talking dinosaurs, an 80s cartoon homage, the killer robot arcade machine,  David Hasselhoff and an epic final (?) battle sequence that will literally kick you in the balls.  Check out the Kung Fury Website & Facebook Page for updates and behind the scenes photos and videos and watch the movie below!

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Kung Fury
Kung FuryKung Fury

Kung FuryKung Fury

“Kung Fury is a renegade 80s cop from Miami. Furys precinct is destroyed by the dangerous criminal and master of Kung-Fu – Adolf Hitler aka Kung Führer. With the help of a hacker, Kung Fury aims to travel back in time to Germany in 1940, planning to kill Hitler and end the Nazi empire once and for all. But something goes wrong and our protagonist ends up in the Nordic land of Asgard kicking off this amazing adventure.”

Directed by David Sandberg.
Produced by Laser Unicorns, Lampray and Salmon Fox.
Cinematography by: Linus Andersson, Martin Gärdemalm, Jonas Ernhill and Mattias Andersson.
Aerial Cinematography by: Henning Sandström.
VFX by: David Sandberg, Klas Trulsson, Simon Tingell and Jimmy Sahlin.
Starring: David Sandberg, Joanna Häggblom, Leopold Nilsson, Andreas Cahling and Per-Henrik Arvidius.

Awesome Custom Action Figures from 80sCustoms

Toy collector Jawad Dar designs and produces custom retro action figures from popular cult movies and television shows of the 70s & 80s.

From Ghostbusters to ‘V’ the variety of figures and designs is very impressive. He can be contacted via his 80sCustoms page on Facebook. I expect he might get more than a few special requests in the coming months. If I win the lottery most of the requests will be from me!

Jack Burton – Big Trouble in Little China

80s Customs - Jack Burton - Big Trouble in Little China

Wes Craven’s Shocker

80s Customs - Wes Craven's Shocker

The Karate Kid

80s Customs - The Karate Kid

Ash – Army of Darkness

80 Customs - Ash - Army of Darkness

The Exorcist

80s Customs - The Exorcist

The Golden Child

80 Customs - The Golden Child


80s Customs - Ghostbusters

Howard the Duck

80s Customs - Howard the Duck


80s Customs - V

The Monster Squad

80s Customs - The Monster Squad Wolfman80s Customs - The Monster Squad Dracula80s Customs - The Monster Squad The Mummy80s Customs - The Monster Squad Creature from the Black Lagoon80s Customs - The Monster Squad Frankensteins Monster80s Customs - The Monster Squad Shawn80s Customs - The Monster Squad Rudy80s Customs - The Monster Squad Patrick80s Customs - The Monster Squad Horace

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1980s Pop Culture Icons

Artist Rocky Davies creates brilliant record sleeve designs featuring well know 1980s movie and TV characters covering appropriate 80s anthems.

Hopefully he is working on the music tracks next because ‘I’d buy that for a dollar!’

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Christmas Morning From Decades Past

There was a glass of sherry, a mince pie and a carrot placed on the fireplace and Father Christmas was on his way (despite the several naughty things I’m sure I had done that year). I remember that giddy thrill of going to bed on Christmas Eve and trying (pretending) to go to sleep while listening out for Santa and his reindeer driven sleigh jingling overhead and landing on the rooftop.

I woke stupidly early and crept downstairs to be greeted with colourfully wrapped presents of all shapes and sizes under the tree. Being an only child had some benefits. Some were in huge festive sacks (stop giggling) which would be taken upstairs and dumped out all over the bed by my father while I sat with my mum and excitedly ripped the paper off everything while completely ignoring the labels. Aunty who? This was my Christmas for several years until Star Wars, Action Man, Matchbox Cars and Arifix Soldiers made way for socks, shaving kits and soap on a rope.

These lucky kids know exactly what all this feels like as parents have been documenting this occasion since cameras were readily available for home use. These retro Christmas morning photographs are a snapshot in time that also remind us of the toys and games from our youth.

If you have similar photographs you would enjoy sharing with the world let me know, I could feature you in an upcoming article. Are you in any of these photographs? You deserve credit so either way Contact Me.











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