Monstroctopus by LoveAndASandwich

Monstroctopus: Part monster, part octopus with fluffy fur, tentacles and antlers. These marvellous original creations come from the mind, and crafting skills, of Chelsea Bloxsom of LoveAndASandwich. Inspired by movies such as How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter, Nightmare Before Christmas, Monsters Inc. and the TV show Adventure Time, these furry critters can be custom ordered or purchased from the LoveAndASandwich website.

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How to Train Your Dragon - Toothless plush by LoveAndASandwich
Monsters Inc. Mike and Sully plush by LoveAndASandwich
Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack, Sally & Zero plush by LoveAndASandwich
Maleficent plush by LoveAndASandwich
The Emperors New Groove - Yzma plush by LoveAndASandwich
Adventure Time - Jake Squid plush by LoveAndASandwich
Adventure Time- Nightosphere Jake plush by LoveAndASandwich
Harry Potter plush by LoveAndASandwich
Labyrinth - Ludo plush by LoveAndASandwich
Cheshire Cat plush by LoveAndASandwich

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