Steampunk Lightsabers by Simons Sci-Fi and Sabers

Do you like your Star Wars weapons a little more weathered and customised? Are you often found wearing goggles on your hat, carrying a compass or sporting a ray-gun at tea parties? If so, these Steampunk Lightsabers by Simons Sci-Fi and Sabers are certainly for you.

Steampunk Star Wars Lightsaber - Draconian Steampunk

“Not as clumsy or as random as a blaster, but a more elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”

The designs vary from solid cast resins hilts to totally functional extending blade versions. The hilts are scarred, weathered, and custom painted with multiple layers to give them an aged, almost ancient sheen. Some feature Nordic runes while others are embellished with clockwork parts and leather wrapping.

Steampunk Star Wars Lightsaber - Ancient Prophecy

These pieces are not designed as toys, but rather as cosplay or LARPing accessories or as display pieces. Si will also take on custom work on request. Check out Simons Sci-Fi and Sabers on Etsy.

Steampunk Star Wars Lightsaber - Like Clockwork
Steampunk Star Wars Lightsaber - Dragon Tooth
Steampunk Star Wars Lightsaber - Forgotten Apprentice

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