Batman Chevy Camaro by Halo

How would you like to get your hands on a 2011 Chevy Camaro with a custom Batman paint job by the artist Halo? Well you can, if the price is right. This custom paint job took over 200 hours to complete but really transforms this car in to something unique.

Batman Chevy Camaro by Halo

“This is the second car I ever painted.  The goal of this was to learn patience, and to meet one of my bucket list goals.  I always wanted a Batmobile ever since the first movies came out…. the camaros reminded me of one and so I said fu*k it, bought one and seven days later stripped it down.  Since then it has been in conventions, magazines and countless other car shows.  Its my everyday driver and I’m proud of this one”

And so you should be. Influence is drawn from Batman movies, games and comics from different eras creating a flowing overall design to the artwork.

You can check out Halo’s custom tattoo work done at Black Lotus studio, artwork and other projects here.

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Batman Chevy Camaro by Halo

Batman Chevy Camaro by Halo


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