Good news everyone! Futurama inspired art.

Cool and groovy art and mashup art inspired by an equally cool and groovy futuristic animated television show, Futurama.

Futurama / The Fifth Element by RikudaSaninFuturama / The Fifth Element mashup by RikudaSanin

Futurama / X-Men by gottabecarlFuturama / X-Men mashup by gottabecarl

Futurama by JavasFuturama by Javas

Futurama by godfreyescotaFuturama by godfreyescota

Futurama by whitetigerismeFuturama by whitetigerisme

Fry: You know the worst thing about being a slave? They make you work, but don’t pay you or let you go.

Leela: That’s the only thing about being a slave.

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