Awesome Custom Action Figures from 80sCustoms

Toy collector Jawad Dar designs and produces custom retro action figures from popular cult movies and television shows of the 70s & 80s.

From Ghostbusters to ‘V’ the variety of figures and designs is very impressive. He can be contacted via his 80sCustoms page on Facebook. I expect he might get more than a few special requests in the coming months. If I win the lottery most of the requests will be from me!

Jack Burton – Big Trouble in Little China

80s Customs - Jack Burton - Big Trouble in Little China

Wes Craven’s Shocker

80s Customs - Wes Craven's Shocker

The Karate Kid

80s Customs - The Karate Kid

Ash – Army of Darkness

80 Customs - Ash - Army of Darkness

The Exorcist

80s Customs - The Exorcist

The Golden Child

80 Customs - The Golden Child


80s Customs - Ghostbusters

Howard the Duck

80s Customs - Howard the Duck


80s Customs - V

The Monster Squad

80s Customs - The Monster Squad Wolfman80s Customs - The Monster Squad Dracula80s Customs - The Monster Squad The Mummy80s Customs - The Monster Squad Creature from the Black Lagoon80s Customs - The Monster Squad Frankensteins Monster80s Customs - The Monster Squad Shawn80s Customs - The Monster Squad Rudy80s Customs - The Monster Squad Patrick80s Customs - The Monster Squad Horace

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