Christmas Morning From Decades Past

There was a glass of sherry, a mince pie and a carrot placed on the fireplace and Father Christmas was on his way (despite the several naughty things I’m sure I had done that year). I remember that giddy thrill of going to bed on Christmas Eve and trying (pretending) to go to sleep while listening out for Santa and his reindeer driven sleigh jingling overhead and landing on the rooftop.

I woke stupidly early and crept downstairs to be greeted with colourfully wrapped presents of all shapes and sizes under the tree. Being an only child had some benefits. Some were in huge festive sacks (stop giggling) which would be taken upstairs and dumped out all over the bed by my father while I sat with my mum and excitedly ripped the paper off everything while completely ignoring the labels. Aunty who? This was my Christmas for several years until Star Wars, Action Man, Matchbox Cars and Arifix Soldiers made way for socks, shaving kits and soap on a rope.

These lucky kids know exactly what all this feels like as parents have been documenting this occasion since cameras were readily available for home use. These retro Christmas morning photographs are a snapshot in time that also remind us of the toys and games from our youth.

If you have similar photographs you would enjoy sharing with the world let me know, I could feature you in an upcoming article. Are you in any of these photographs? You deserve credit so either way Contact Me.











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2 thoughts on “Christmas Morning From Decades Past

  1. I would have had an x-ray photograph of my broken collar bone, caused by my older sister shoving me out of the way to get downstairs first. I also have a memory of my ‘Walkie Talkie Doll’ having her x-ray taken too, and I could see her batteries inside! This, it now seems, was all in my imagination.

    A lovely article. More of this stuff please. 🙂


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