Artist creates MFMarker (MyFirstMarker) entirely made from chalk.

-W. Houston

Visual artist and designer Baschz has created MFMarker (MyFirstMarker). It is entirely made out of chalk and shaped like a big fat marker. It therefore safely introduces creative children to street art without the risk of a good telling off from the local authorities.

The label and lettering on the marker are an embossed relief within the shape of the marker itself, so everything is made from one big piece of chalk.

The original all white MFMarker stands 12 cm high, is 3 cm wide and comes in a blackboard tube with a mimeograph info leaflet and stickers.

Image of MFMarker Chalk Tagger

Image of MFMarker Chalk TaggerAll MFMarkers are handmade personally and signed by Baschz.

Pictures by Aad Hoogendoorn.

Baschz Leeft is a visual artist and designer from Rotterdam, with a profound love for (infiltrating) mass and sub cultures. His works balance on the threshold between artwork and product, often injected with a conceptual sense of humour.

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