Chinese Mechanic Builds Scrap Metal Batmoblie

Li Weilei, a serious Batman fan and four of his friends spent two months and 70,000 yuan (US$11,207) creating the vehicle out of scrap metal. It might be a bit rough about the edges but certainly looks the part.

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Scrap Metal Batmobile

Li, who has worked as prop maker in movies and television, has been renting the replica Tumbler Batmobile to local businesses that use it to attract customers. Currently transported on the back of a truck as it has no engine or steering capability (no working missile launchers or harpoons either).

The talented men have already created dozens of other models up for rent, including a full-sized replica of an aircraft and huge life size Transformers.

Scrap Metal Batmobile

Listen to the reporter in this BBC clip mention Optimus Prime while showing an image of Megatron. Don’t send a ‘norm’ to do a geeks job!